Dear Customer, 

You have just purchased a Moreau leather item, and we thank you for it.

Patiently made by passionate and demanding craftsmen, it can last a lifetime if you know how to take care of it.

La Maison Moreau has selected the most luxurious skins to create your product. They are unique.  

Irregularities in colour, patterns or veins are natural elements and will patinate with time as well as the metal parts chosen for their quality.                                                           

To preserve the beauty of your product, here are some recommendations:                                  

- Avoid contact with any liquid, grease, perfumes or cosmetic products. If the products have been exposed to water, dab with a soft, clear cloth to dry them.                                                           

- Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and intense light.                                                                              

- Avoid contact with abrasive substances or surfaces. Scratches can be reduced on some leathers by gently rubbing them with a soft cloth.                                                              

To clean your product, carefully wipe with a clean, soft cloth.                                                                        

Store your product in its protective pouch in a cool, dry place.